Club News - Mar 2017

Welcome to the March 2017 Wetherby & District Camera Club Newsletter


Robin Hoods Bay from the beach.



On Saturday March the 18th, Ian Butterworth organised a club trip to Robin Hood's Bay. The weather didn't look so good and perhaps that put a few people off but Ian, Brian. George and I turned up at the car park in Wetherby at 8am.

As we got closer to Robin Hood's Bay, it got more and more misty, so it was certainly going to be a challenge to find a photograph. After a wrapping up and sorting kit out, we sussed out potential eating places on the way down the hill to the bay. Robin Hood's Bay is a warren of narrow cobbled streets but with the sky so detailess it was difficult getting shots that included any sky. A few general record shots in the bag I moved on.

After an hour looking for shots around the streets we sat down in a cafe for a bacon sandwich and a coffee/tea. The smallest bacon sandwiches I've ever seen arrived with a big cup of coffee but at £7 it was obviously a tourist destination (I was now thinking of the massive/fantastic value breakfast we had in Redcar last October).


On the beach after our sandwich it was still relatively quiet but still very misty. Certainly a challenge to find any shots. Because of the bland sky I tried some bracketed shots of the old coastguard station and the massive sea wall from different angles which came out ok. Reflections in the pools of the buildings were relatively easy to find but without any sunlight difficult to get.

Shortly after lunchtime things were getting a lot busier and the beach filling up. Despite a misty (and sometimes drizzly) day it wasn't keeping the brits from a beach outing. There were plenty of families and friends wandering up and down the beach and some with buckets and nets scouring the pools looking for small fish and crabs.

Later the fish and chip shop proved popular (boy those portions were large) and there were lots of people sat around filling up with fish and chips. At shortly after 4pm we set off home (via a brief diversion to a field off the A19 Ian had seen an interesting tree in). We couldn't complain as photographers or we'd look like our partners who are always doing so to us.

I enjoyed the day and although the weather could have been better there were pictures to be had. Thanks to Ian for driving and Brian and George for the company. If you didn't turn up you missed out.


Martin Evans