Competitions - Brief notes

Club competitions are a very important aspect of our activities. Entering your images into competitions is a sure method of comparing the standard of your own work with that of other members and also improves your own work. There various internal competitions throughout the season, deatails listed below.  


The Ingram Series Trophy is open for all members throughout the season. The series consists of five rounds, each of a different theme, and is open to entries of print, both colour and monochrome, and digital projected images (d.p.i.).


The Sherburn, Bob Evans Raffles, and Dean Brothers Trophy competitions are open to all W&DCC members and are for mono prints, colour prints and digital images respectively, to be displayed and judged in sets of three.


The Les Smith Natural History Trophy is, again, open to all W&DCC members. As the title suggests, this competition is for images of Natural History subjects in their natural environment. It therefore excludes zoos, aviaries and similar. It does include such as wild flowers, trees and wild animals, etc. Your pet cat or dog, no matter how annoyed it is, cannot be a subject! Entries for this competition are restricted to projected digital images only.


The Chairman’s Challenge is for all image formats (print and digital). The specific subject for this competition is chosen, and judged, each year by the Chairman.   Generally, all our internal competitions are judged by invited, qualified external judges and/or by members of the club’s own judging panel.

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Brian Cooper; Competitions' Secretary