Club News - Aug 2020




New Season

As you will all be aware, the new season starts on 8th September. Unfortunately, under the current Covid rules, we are unable to hold our normal indoor meetings.   However, we are going to hold weekly digital meetings via Zoom. Whilst we are in this digital phase,  there will be NO membership fee with meetings open to all 2019/20 members plus any lapsed members from the previous season. 



Revised Programme

We are going to try and keep to the original programme where we can, with all competitions been run in solely digital format. Unfortunately, we have been unable to contact the 1st Speaker. The programme for September meetings now reads:


8th – General meeting on Zoom – We would like you to log on between 7.30 and 9.00 pm to test that your set up works, we will try and explain the plan for future zoom meetings and answer any questions about the revised season.


15th – 3 images from the Summer/lockdown. All we ask is that there is a common link. As it will take a bit more organisation, please submit the images to Brian Cooper at to arrive no later than 11:59 pm on the Sunday previous.

Please title the images as follows your own name_order number_title ie GeorgeA_01_title, GeorgeA_02_title, GeorgeA_03_title.


Please log on by 7.25 pm for the start of the meeting at 7.30 pm prompt.


22nd – Practical outdoors – An evening out with your Camera. Using your personal transport to Knaresborough – Meeting by Blind Jacks bench in the market place at 7.30 pm and we will send you off in pairs. If you can’t meet us on the night,  please feel free to visit Knaresborough in the interim period up to the 22nd of September to take some images.


29th – 3 images from your Knaresborough visit – as above please can you submit the images to Brian Cooper at to arrive no later than 11:59 pm on the Sunday prior. Please title the images: your name_order number_title



Early Warning

6th October – Entries for 1st round of Ingram (Open), two images in the normal digital format and titled as per the competition rules. Images need to be submitted via email to Brian Cooper to arrive no later than 11:59 pm on Tuesday the 6th

The committee will keep “the return to normal meetings” under review’ and issue revised programmes for October, November as appropriate.


Question for Members

To help us best manage our Zoom meetings: Please email with one of the following options:


  • I will be attending most meetings
  • Attending occasionally
  • I need help with Zoom
  • I am not interested



Annual Accounts

As we are unlikely to have the AGM in the near short term, the Committee has provided a summary of the unaudited accounts to 29th February 2020 and the fees proposed for the current season, should we start with church room meetings.


Overall result

  • A deficit of £228 for the year ending 29th February 20

Major changes

  • Members subscriptions down £275

  • Room Hire up by £30

  • Most of the rest of the costs are similar to past years

  • Subscriptions proposal - £45 for a full season



Zoom Operation

All members should receive an email with the zoom log on details prior to the meeting on the 8th.

In order to participate, you will need an electronic device with a screen, microphone and camera. See Webcam.

On the evening of the 8th, all you need to do is the following:-

  • Click on the link and it opens a webpage

  • Either download the software from the link or use the Browser to open Zoom.

  • When the meeting host has allowed you in please test the microphone and camera.

  • Once you have tested the system close this link and you should be in the meeting.



Web Camera

For members like me (George) who have a desktop PC and thus no built-in Camera, I now have Logitech C270HD webcam which seems to work very well. Its currently on Amazon the current price is £49 ish.


This is not a hard recommendation as there are other Webcams available, but if you are buying ANYTHING from Amazon, please use the Amazon link on the club website.



Keep safe in these odd times.