Club News - Feb 2019


This newsletter contains information for the remaining club season.


19th February -

David Couldwell presents “Fluke & Flaw”



My talk is about when I started with B&W prints from the darkroom I used to have, up to now with digital prints. I do a bit of portraiture to motorcycle racing. The talk is a bit different to most talks I’m told. DC.


26th February

Sherburn (judge Steve Darracott) and Dean Brothers (George Astle) judging.


  5th March

Practical – 50/50 Challenge. More info to follow

Entries for Ingram 5, Architecture and General Record due this evening.

View past Ingram 5 entries


12th March

David Speight – “Lost in the Landscape”



“However unrealistic it may seem, I’m always of the unwavering belief that just over the next hill or round the next bend of the river, something spectacular is going to happen and the surrounding layers of countryside and hills are going to naturally fall into place, creating that perfect and definitive composition. On a personal level, there really is no better and rewarding feeling than knowing you have put the work in beforehand, getting to know a new area and finally putting together a few compositions that you know to be your best efforts. If you can achieve this just once in a while, it really doesn’t matter too much what anyone else thinks of those images.”


David will be presenting “Lost in the Landscape”, an insight into how he searches out roads less travelled and vistas less photographed. Come along to enjoy the ride and pick up tips on technique, equipment, composition and shoot/location planning.


19th March

Judging of Ingram 5, Architecture and General Record by Sally Sallet ARPS, AFIAP, CPAGB and BPE3.


26th March

Members portfolio of a max of 5 previously unseen images. Members can pick 1 in particular image to discuss.


2nd April

Specsavers lecture by Des Ong – “Lectures on Captivating Nature: Wildlife of Britain Beyond”



“I am a full-time wildlife photographer and the owner of Captivating Nature – a workshop and tour company based in the UK, specialising in nature photographic training.

Born in the tropics, I grew up with a firm interest in nature. Even though I feel most at home in the warmer climes, I am equally adapted to the cold northern environment. Wildlife photography is a combination of my two passions – art and nature. It is my artistic expression of the natural world.”


(spoiler alert) Preview some of the images here.


9th April

Awards Evening and AGM.

Note there are two proposed changes to the rules:


Change to Rule 2 Prints & Appendix A3.1. “All print entries to be accompanied by digital copies. Failure to comply may result in entry not being accepted”


Appendix A4 Category Definitions, “People, portraits and Figure Studies”. Removal of animal portraits. Paragraph 1 to read – “Included in this category are images which are pictures of human individuals, groups and figure studies. A good portrait should be more than just a likeness; it should convey some aspect od the subject;s personality”.


Competition Entries

There is one competition entry remaining this season. Ingram 5 Architecture and General Record, 5th March.


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