Club News - Leeds Trip



WDCC's first out of season outing of the year was a photowalk around Leeds starting at the Millenium Bridge at 7pm. I got a lift with Ian and we met up with George and Mark. It was a pleasant evening weather wise with mostly clear skies and the chance later of a good setting sun. Whilst we waited at Millenium Bridge I tried some shots of an outside circular staircase bolted to a building that I've kept passing and meant to have a go at. Photographs from the bridge are tricky as it noticeably wobbles as people cross it.


A short walk down the South side of the river and a few shots of Crown Point Bridge and reflections then on to the Armouries and Leeds Dock where this time I didn't get apprehended by security for having a "professional" camera and no written permission to take photographs. The Sun was glinting off the top of the tall apartment building at the end of the docks and shining right down the dock onto the water. I was pleased with that shot as although I've photographed the docks before I've nether seen that photograph before.


There were new statues outside the armouries which Ian spotted which looked like the heads of Aztec warriors with golden rings around their eyes and long strands of curly hair sticking out.   I gave the mirror ball at the end of the docks a miss and instead walked across the bridge, down the side of the Indian restaurant and to Chadwick Street where I could see the sun shining off the face of a new building. It was a bit awkward with a high fence in the way and the light was tricky so it took a few goes to get right.


Back to behind the Armouries and I finally remembered to take a picture of block F with that multicoloured striped facade. On to the wooden bridge near Navigation Walk where the fountain has been restored. In fact, there is still some evidence of the floods from a year last Christmas as the tunnel under Crown Point Road is still closed and they are still doing flood defence work in places. Mark spotted a sculpture of 2 swans which when taken from low down look like they are flying over the buildings. I made a botch of them so I'll have to remember next time I'm down there.


Back over Bridge End and down Sovereign Street (past 3 The Embankment where I used to work on the top floor) where we stopped for some shots of the river by Asda and down to Bridgewater Close. Next we stopped at the new KPMG building where they have developed the land at the back into quite a nice little green area with water flowing in channels in the ground and a long mural. I really like this side of KPMG and as the light was going it was lit up quite nicely so I got some good shots here.


Then on to the South entrance to the station which is quite attractive, more chances of Bridgewater Close and then the Dark Arches where we got the multicoloured tunnel at the back of the station.


A short walk back to the Palace where I enjoyed a nice pint of Landord.  I really enjoy walking around Leeds especially down by the river and canal and especially once it gets dark. However, I'm not that keen on going on mine own with all my kit so it was nice to get another opportunity. If you didn't go you really missed out. If you fancy going in the future then get in touch with me as I'm always happy for some company, I'll happily drive, and there really is a lot to photograph.


Thanks again to Ian for organising and the lift.


Martin Evans


PS -  A selection of my photographs can be seen on the second page of my Flickr album (scroll down to the bottom and hit page 2):